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Capital Merchant Banking and Finance Limited, hereinafter referred to as CMBFL, was incorporated under the Companies Act 2063 as a public limited company with Registration No. 791/057/58 on Ashadh 14, 2058 (June 28, 2001). On Magh 17, 2058 (January 30, 2002), CMBFL obtained a license from Nepal Rastra Bank to carry out banking functions. It was registered in the Inland Revenue Department on Mangsir 17, 2058 (December 02, 2001), with permanent account number 300434314. The company’s head office is located at Battishputali, Ward No. 09, Kathmandu, Nepal. On Magh 17, 2069 (January 30, 2013), it was declared a problematic financial institution through Letter No. Bi.Ka.SuBi. /resolution/069/70/1166 issued by Nepal Rastra Bank. CMBFL has been restricted from carrying out banking transactions since the date it was declared a problematic financial institution. As of Ashadh 31, 2077, all branches of CMBFL had been closed.